We are Stakteck. It’s a passion that we have.

Passion for perfection in every business activity we undertake. We might be in the same town or a faraway land around the globe, but our zeal for getting it right connects us. The entire world is our community, and we strengthen great companies regularly. Our solutions are world-class in their dynamism and response to the rapidly evolving demands of international markets. We are a team of innovative business specialists. We have a variety of experiences, insights, and skills with which emerging and established companies, both small and big, are ideally blended to manage the harsh environment of international business.

Our vision

Becoming an innovative organization through nurturing committed world citizens toward a prosperous future.

Our Mission

The mission of Stakteck is to remove obstacles to global enterprise and make it easier for businesses to recruit worldwide within days without any need for expensive overseas subsidiaries.

Our Team

Stakteck is empowered by a world-class team of vast experience, including HR professionals, lawyers, account executives, etc. Our team is evenly distributed around the United States, New Zealand, and India. We shift the global payroll, income tax, HR, issues, and labor law responsibility from your hands to ours for you to thrive quickly.

Our Presence