Why employ permanent staff on your rolls and pay constant fixed costs in situations where competition is cyclical and guided by market situations?

When the projects require urgent services that are used to quickly adapt to the demands of Fast-track programs, rely on us for consistency, rapid timeframes, and no employee-related expenses. During your peak load, we will momentarily transfer quick services to your office place. Through the utilization of this system and many countries across the world, we’ve witnessed a lot of progress. We also fill Niche Consultants vacancies for term-based ventures. We ’re hiring a couple of these specialty consultants on a day-to-day demand basis for a Mumbai (India) focused engineering consultancy.

Contract Staff

Stakteck skills’ competitive superiority of contract staffing: we have sector-specific teams of Talent Management Experts, Domain / Subject Matter Experts, and Contract Staffing Specialists employed with each company account. We are also part of & supported by a major business community, contributing to the timely payment of employee wages. Even as we expand, we can retain personal contact with all personnel. Such considerations lead to strong retention rates and relatively low exit levels.