At Stakteck, we recognize that permanent staffing applies to positions when an organization decides to employ employees on payroll and permanently. Within the job sector, permanent staffing is very popular and holds considerable significance within the business. It helps organizations to gain sufficient access to well-qualified staff that can offer high-quality services. With Stakteck International Agency Staffing services, we assist you in preserving the balance between obtaining the best-quality via our recruitment process workforce.

Our recruiting strategy is vivid, and quality standards are never sacrificed. We guarantee the right quality that suits your unique needs. We prioritize quality over quantities and are confident of our enforcement and aftercare success. As a direct consequence, our retention rates for overseas-placed applicants are much higher than the market average.

People are every business’ most precious commodity. Finding the right individual for the right place is crucial to progress. Our talent-sourcing solutions are available to deliver these experts to our customers. Our recruiting services cover several areas, including:

Permanent Staff

Our international Network of Executive Search Recruiters works globally and across continents to find the best candidates for corporate and leadership roles.

White-Collar Permanent Placement

Specialist recruitment departments work on tasks up to mid-management positions in various sectors, from construction to financial and medical sectors.

Blue-Collar Permanent Placement

Our vast network of regional offices allows our recruiting teams to adapt rapidly to any labor requirements.

Strengthen your market by growing your expertise through our Global Recruitment System. We ’re dedicated to selecting the right applicants for any role, big or small. We are equipped to move beyond regional borders to find individuals ready to capable of addressing the demands of our customers. Consequently, we are always striving to extend our groupwide talent sourcing service throughout the entire world.