Stakteck focuses on supporting mid-market, medium, and early-stage companies thrive in the global economy. Stakteck works together with its clients to create and execute regional profit-enhancing approaches, reducing the inherent costs of multinational activities.

Based on years of operational practice, our company offers professional guidance to offshore production firms. With numerous partnerships across the world, using trusted sourcing services and supply chain logistics professionals, it helps us give our customers a turnkey solution that enables their offshore project to be implemented rapidly at reduced expense and risk. We also offer guidance on international marketing and sales techniques, tariffs and tax, and supply chain management problems. Our practical market knowledge, coupled with extensive procurement skills, places STAKTECK as respected advisors in the global economy.

Benefits of our Offshore Outsourcing services

Reduce the cost

One of the greatest rewards is expense management. You will be able to minimize your capital spending as our high-quality offshore outsourcing services take your issues of workspace, resources, and human personnel as our entire concern. You also need to be aware that labor costs do not involve salaries and office rent alone, but other information can be shielded from your eyes first. Such hidden issues can drastically affect your company’s performance if not well solved in advance.

While recruiting skilled workers, you may realize that you will incur extra costs in training and continuous development. So who’ll teach them? So what if the person wants to leave and join your competitor? Our high-quality and certified offshore outsourcing services keep this burden away from you so you won’t risk time or sleep because of experiencing such issues at your organization.

Get the best-skilled people

Throughout the internet’s new age, we have exposure to professionals worldwide that we can trust and manage. For most instances, this would significantly enhance your company’s consistency and productivity when you approach us.

Remove time barriers

Your clients should appreciate 247 operation. Or you may have things you can’t do during the daytime. It is evident that humans aren’t robots and have to relax. Stakteck helps your organization in the removal of time barriers and plays an important role in ensuring that your customers are satisfied.