why us


Get the right combination of people, processes, and technology. Our department is supported by highly trained professionals in all related areas, like comprehensive accounting, tax, and legal solutions. All of our employees are qualified professionals with college and graduate degrees. The GPS team focuses on precisely specified process-driven frameworks for handling accounting, finance, legal and regulatory standards across the world.

Our innovative platform for time and attendance, holidays, leave scheduling, and benefits allows our customers to conveniently control both recruiting and regulatory measures. Rather than implement pricey HR automation programs, our platform offers customers efficient data-gathering and market analysis resources to achieve better workplace management results. Our platform is the best option, mainly when operating in several countries with low staff numbers.


We are a local organization in each country where we operate, with knowledge and experience in local regulations, culture, and language. From obtaining the most favorable incentives to helping you access your new bank account to acting as a partner with local regulators to tax officials, we have partnerships and expertise to deal with all the most complicated circumstances.

This blend of right individuals, method, and technology excludes Stakteck from market competition and offers our customers a substantial edge in their international expansion operations.


We deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction. Achieving creativity without affecting business processes requires accountability, supervision, and security that are easily integrated into any phase of implementation. The Stakteck platform provides you with all the features you need to maintain robustness, reliability, and scalability combined into the best stages of the market life cycle. We ensure that you have lawfully acceptable job contracts at the beginning of maintaining track with the evolving laws in the country of operation. We offer everything from quick, straightforward billing to direct feedback from our squad of HR specialists. We ’re here anytime you, and your staff needs us.


Your company and your workers are safe with us. We understand liability threats in a co-employment partnership. You ’re secure with us. In addition to our genuine certification, we are advocates in the battle for equality for small enterprises and the development of HR sector regulations.

Recruit with confidence


Increase in-house production. If you delegate projects to Stakteck, you will be able to improve your internal resources and make more effective use.


All companies, but particularly small ones, can work well if the management and their reports communicate frankly about results. If you don’t have sufficient management experience, you can fail to address your workers’ performance usefully. It’s no surprise that it’s hard to give workplace feedback that doesn’t come off as offensive or rude, so it can be hard to quantify how the workers perform their tasks.

Stakteck has workplace performance monitoring tools and documentation for both you and your staff to fulfill the plan you have developed. In other terms, then we have a performance monitoring structure; you will utilize it to ensure sure that you and the staff are on the same page with the priorities and points of enhancement for each employee. We also have supervisor coaching to help you and the managers understand how to better communicate about performance.

Go To Market Faster

Kickstart your worldwide penetration by linking worldwide to the GPS eco-system. We are supported by a combination of numerous multidisciplinary HR, Accounting, Banking, Tax, and Legal expertise ready to react to the business’ planned and unforeseen needs on the shortest notice. Empower your staff with 247 assistance and a centralized point-of-contact platform to get guidance from professional customer care personnel through direct communication.

Be Ready For Every Phase of Growth

We recognize your goals in the new country and provide advice and resources at any point in your development. When able, we will automatically move you from the PEO / EOR model to your agency. Our end-to-end international expansion packages are exemplary

We provide the best employee benefits packages.

Our collaboration with several large healthcare companies is only one of the Genesis HR services that enable you to hire and maintain the best staff.

We offer the latest technology.

Through our industry-leading, mobile-enabled innovation, you can save time managing your HR, insurance, and payroll requirements. You’ll save time and have trouble-free upfront any time you sign in.

Our solutions are versatile as the business expands and evolves.

When the business evolves, we ’re going to adjust to you. We ’re going to give you a sheet of paper about how to do it — we’re going to have personalized approaches and solutions that you can trust. We are going to help secure your organization, your customers, and your prosperity.

Improved risk control

Through trusting and engaging in a professional outsourcing provider like, you reduce the risk of getting the same job completed in-house through workers who might not be as skilled in the sector.

Lower Infrastructure Investments

Advanced IT Management services with a dedicated customer support department. You will be given contacts who will operate with your appointed staff daily. This strategy ensures a real partnership to meet the interests of your company best.

Cut the expense and save the BIG!

The arithmetic is so practical. We have an outstanding return on investment for small to medium-sized organizations. Outsourcing your company’s needs through Stakteck will help you save on your staff’s overhead expenses, energy, and additional effort. You are no longer committed to spending on staff recruitment, buying pricey software, or spending on new technologies. All of this adds up to better returns in the long term.

Growth Outsourcing

why us

Through Team Evaluation-a rigorous pre-deployment preparation program, pre-interview instruction, and many other classes-our staff, you can be sure that our personnel is very intensely trained. It is a program for temporary and permanent workplace training and expert consulting strategies in all sectors to can support people and companies to handle workforce transition.

Stakteck’s assessment

Stakteck’s in-house assessments enable businesses to evaluate job seekers and existing employees on language, emotional, practical, and soft skills. Our professional assessors, with years of expertise in the field, guarantee that they review applicants on any possible angle, ensuring that we are supplying our clients with a highly qualified workforce.

Stakteck’s Partners System

We believe in collaborative development and operate with digital marketing companies, PR agencies, innovative agencies, interactive agencies, and many other organizations throughout the year. We are glad to have business members of the same view to collaborating on a specific job/scope.


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